fun1 S2 [fʌn] n [U]
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: fun 'to play a trick on' (17-20 centuries), perhaps from fonne; FOND]
1.) an experience or activity that is very enjoyable and exciting
There's plenty of fun for all the family.
The children were having so much fun , I hated to call them inside.
Why don't you come with us? It'll be great fun .
Basketball games are a lot of fun to watch.
It was a little bit of harmless fun , that's all.
Snowboarding - that sounds like fun .
Several Internet sites are inviting people to join in the fun for free.
It's no fun eating on your own.
2.) for fun also just for the fun of it
if you do something for fun, you do it because you enjoy it and not for any other reason
I simply believe that killing animals for fun is wrong.
Like most people her age, Deborah struck up relationships just for the fun of it .
3.) sb is (great/good) fun
BrE used to say that someone is enjoyable to be with because they are happy and amusing
You'll like her, darling, she's great fun.
4.) behaviour that is not serious and shows happiness and enjoyment
Jan's always so cheerful and full of fun .
Her sense of fun made her very popular at college.
Evelyn would tease her, but only in fun .
5.) fun and games
activities, behaviour etc that are not serious - often used to show disapproval
6.) make fun of sb/sth
to make unkind, insulting remarks about someone or something
I'm not making fun of you. I admire what you did.
7.) like fun
AmE spoken old-fashioned used to say that something is not true or will not happen
'I'm going to Barbara's house.' 'Like fun you are! Come and finish your chores first.'
figure of fun atfigure1 (12), poke fun at atpoke1 (6)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
have fun (=have an enjoyable time)
good/great fun especially British English
a lot of fun especially AmE
harmless fun (=enjoyable activities that do not have a bad effect on anyone)
good clean fun (=enjoyable activities that do not involve anything bad or immoral)
sound like fun
join in the fun
it's no fun
fun 2
fun2 W3S2 adj [only before noun]
1.) enjoyable and amusing
Try snowboarding - it's a really fun sport.
a fun day/evening etc
2.) a fun person is enjoyable to be with because they are happy and amusing
She's a really fun person to be around.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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